May 08, 2020

Article by Peach

Relaxing Facial in Frenzied Orchard Road

It’s Time to Hit the Refresh Button for Singapore’s Beauty Industry

From hidden add-ons to pressuring sales tactics, the local beauty scene turned what was once supposed to be a relaxing retreat into a chamber of nightmares. Instead of relaxing and remedying an ailment, many customers end up enduring aggressive sales talks before eventually conceding to a package.

To solve these deep-rooted problems and build an all-inclusive safe haven for the local beauty community, our Founder, Crystal Lee, decided to reimagine the facial experience and open Singapore’s first bespoke membership skin bar.  For starters, Peachy Skin Bar does not sell any packages. We do not believe in hard-selling and restrictive packages.

“We believe that while your skin type rarely changes, your skin condition does constantly. Personalised bespoke treatment is the best way to make your every facial visit meaningful with best results, not packages.”

Our strong culture of no-selling in-treatment and no negative judgement will let you rest peacefully without worrying about harsh chiding or upselling from therapist during treatment.


Skin Bars – A New Genre of Facial Shop

So, what is a skin bar and how is it different from your normal salons?

“Unlike your normal beauty salons with all the spa frills, skin bars are known to be a highly specialised, quick-service beauty concept. Spa music and lemon water cannot compensate for actual skincare expertise.”

Skin Bars are the latest trend taking New York and Los Angeles by storm. Skin Bars serve accessible beauty with a dash of luxury and we are excited to bring this new sensation (and its benefits) to Singapore! This novel genre of skincare is perfect for the busy modern customer who needs regular professional skincare and a “me-time” break, but doesn’t want to listen to waterfall music for three hours and give up a chunk of their pay cheque. Every facial session with Peachy is personalised, results-focused, and technologically driven combined with premium products for maximum value. Did we mention that your facial is also packed with our “oh so relaxing” massages too? You can think of Peachy Skin Bar as just a notch below your dermatologist, not as expensive, and easily integrated into your skincare holy grail. To sprinkle more glitter to each facial session, we also serve a glass of complimentary bubbly from our bar tub after every facial. Let’s be real, we don’t want the lemon water.

Sparkle on and drink peaches!


Get Cosy with Peachy and Their Services

Yes, we’re cosy. Just a stone’s throw away from town, we’ll perk your senses with our unconventional chic salon design, fruity aromatics, and soft jazz music. We have NO consultation room (we promise you won’t be locked in) and you can enjoy your facial in our semi private space. We believe a happy place needs to be breezy with opportunities for social interactions – so in place of doors you will find stylish curtains which can be drawn for privacy or opened up for some girl’s fun time. Kick off your shoes and immerse in a “chillax” facial. After each facial session, head to our lounge for your complimentary bubbly. In summary, our 30-min express treatments are perfect for time-crunched individuals, our 60-min treatments cover a sweet spot for most, and our 70-min signature treatments are a bonus treat for goal-getters. Read here to find out more about our different facials.

“Say hello to clear complexion. We have more than ten tailored treatments, ranging from 30 to 70 minutes.”

Beyond skin deep, Peachy Skin Bar also provide an extensive menu of treatments which includes back-skin treatments, Peachy Fuzz SHR hair-removal treatments, and eyebrow shaping services.


Membership – #ThePeachesClub

It’s funny how we pay so much for beauty services but we have so little authority over the money we spend in the salon? Shouldn’t we get the best value from what we spend on?

It seems counter intuitive that most facial salons exist to fix your skin but will charge you so much upfront only to restrict your treatment choices by dictating a fixed treatment for you in an enclosed contract while taunting you during your remaining visits to upgrade or add cost when you need a different treatment.

Oh man, imagine if you need a hydrating facial but you’re stuck with an acne rescue package instead. We all know what they’ll say – this is not part of your original package but we care. You’ll need to pay a “small fee” or buy a few more sessions of hydrating facial to enjoy the best price for this treatment. At Peachy Skin Bar, we wanted to make all our loyal customers a real champion. Hence, we started #ThePeachyClub to build an all-inclusive safe haven where you know you will always be rewarded with the best price and benefits as our loyal customer (aka member). No more bickering for upgrades or switch of treatment. Receive the best bang for your buck by doing only the most suitable treatment for yourself based on your time, budget, and skin condition. As our member, you will also enjoy exclusive club benefits that can be extended to your loved ones. What’s not to like about it?

Basic member fees are going for an annual rate of only $250. If you love our services and wish to earn more bonuses, you can check out more in store. 

“Some months you can be on saver mode and some months you can splurge like a royal.  It’s your wallet so it’s your choice!”

Are you excited? We can’t wait to have more new members onboard too! All hail peaches.


Try us out!

Still unsure if you want to give us a go? Why not check out our lovely customers and editorial reviews. For first time customers, we know it may be difficult to commit just after one session. So, we have an <Omakase2> promotion which allows you to enjoy our Signature Omakase Facial twice instead of once at trial price of $90 per session. We’re confident you’ll love us after the experience!

Book your appointment here or call us at 6970 4194 for a facial fix today.

If you are reading this now, we would like to thank you for spending the time to finish up our blog post. Goodbye for now, peaches.



Head Peach  


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