May 15, 2020

Article by Peach

The Queen of All Bespoke Facials

Introducing Peachy’s Signature Omakase Treatment

Many of us would have probably heard of the term Omakase in Japanese restaurants but it’s not commonly used in the skincare industry. “Omakase” comes from the Japanese verb “makasu”, which means to trust and leave it to the expert to make the decision. Customers who choose Omakase dining option can expect an artistic meal served with highest quality ingredients at better value than à la carte.

With a little imagination (or maybe it’s a leap LOL), Peachy borrowed the principals of Omakase and applied it to our facial. It has since become our most popular signature treatment favoured by beauty editors and celebrities like Jamie Yeo.


What’s so different about an Omakase Facial?

You don’t have to decide anything!

The best part about an Omakase experience is that you do not have to decide anything about your treatment. Have you ever experienced decision fatigue or have been stuck in a decision dilemma? It’s annoying – especially when we are tired. Girl, we feel you. To take the pressure away from you, why not just entrust your face to our professional therapist? Afterall, facial or self-care should be pampering and zen.

Our expert therapists will analyse your skin and do the full suite of service – like the pairing of different aesthetic devices, custom blend products, adjusting the type of facial massages based on your skin condition.

With our Omakase facial you don’t have to worry a thing. Doze off and wake up to glowing face. VOILA!


You have an all-access pass to our dermatology-grade aesthetic machines.

We all love buffet because it’s value for money and here’s a facial buffet for you. Peachy Skin Bar have included many dermatology-grade aesthetic machines for your skin that’s designated for the Omakase service.

Think Cryotherapy, Hydradermabrasion, LED, RF, Ultrasound, High Frequency Oscillation, Oxygen etc. You get to use any of these machines (as long as they are suitable for your skin) at no hidden cost. We’ve mostly got your skin covered.

Next time you come in with a different skin condition, you do not need to haggle for another treatment or be stuck in an awful sales pitch that persuades you to upgrade your treatment choice. More dollar bills for better skin? No thanks.


Optimization or customization is not a one-time process

Achieving #skingoal is not as easy as ABC and we’re sure you know it too. Sometimes we need to combine a variety of treatments over a course of time or pair different machines in one session to achieve desired results. With our Omakase treatment we can do that because we are flexible!


Premium products that are gentle and effective, consisting of promedical actives and botanical ingredients.

Peachy Skin Bar continuously source for professional salon products/solutions from all over the world – Italy, France, Germany, Korea etc because we only cherry pick the best for you.

For our Omakase facial, you can expect to be slathered with natural, effective and sensual products made from selected, high grade raw materials that are used for professional beauty care.

Free your skin from make-up and dirt with our velvety smooth organic silk cleanser before we start the treatment and gently slap a whole bottle of personalised intensive precious ampoules into your skin. We’ll also use an ultra-luxe silk mask infused with crystal gel as your face massage medium.



PS: Double the trial, double the happiness! You can now trial our Omakase twice instead of once at only $90/session. We will throw in FOC neck lift + eyebrow shaping too. We’re confident you will love us after trying us out. Click here to book an appointment now.


Final note

The Omakase Facial is our signature and best-selling treatment of all time. Head down regularly – twice a month is perfect! Alternate between an express 30-min facial and a comprehensive 60 / 70 min facial to keep your skin healthy and glowing.

Till next time peaches. Goodbye!



Head Peach


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