May 22, 2020

Article by Peach

The Secret to Good Skin: Real Luxury is Bespoke Facials

We take skincare personally

The most important skincare ingredient is YOU!  Your skin type rarely changes, but your skin condition varies from time to time. Factors like daily habits, hormonal changes, environmental pollution, stress, or travelling etc may affect your skin condition.

With our busy lifestyle and fast changing environment, it’s rarely effective to stick to only one type of treatment so Peachy Skin Bar strongly believe that personalized facial is the best way to go. It doesn’t matter if you are fighting zits from your upcoming period or you need a good hydration boost from your last holiday, we’ve got you covered.

At Peachy, our expert therapist will look at your skin first and determine what you need before recommending / custom blending the treatment for you. Our timely professional bespoke facials will give your skin what it needs today and also help you achieve desirable results in the long run.


Why say yes to bespoke facials?

A treatment that meets your unique needs

If you’ve signed a package for a particular treatment, chances are you will be stuck with it for the next 10 to 12 months / sessions. But your skin “needs” seldom stay constant for such a long period of time. Some months it might be duller, some months it might need a good lift to debloat… and the list goes on. So how can one treatment cover it all?

We cannot expect great results with such half-hearted commitment? We want to make every facial session worth your while – just like how gym instructors will push you harder to squeeze your abs in every single workout so you can be a better version of yourself.

Yield better results with your money

If we know tailoring our clothes makes all the difference, let’s not forget that such benefits extend to our skincare routine too. A mismatch in treatment that differs from your skin needs or a wrong diagnosis due to generic oversight is not ideal – for both your skin and wallet.

Even if your skin is suffering from a common ailment like acne, we can dive deep and tailor a good treatment. Usually people associate acne to oily skin but sometimes dehydrated skin might be the reason for your outbreak instead. This affects the type of products, face massage, or even the strength of the acne product we should use to complement with your skin needs.

If you want to truly optimize the health and wellness of your skin, personalisation is the way to go.

Bespoke facial might be the step your beauty routine is missing

Supercharge your skincare routine with monthly or bi-monthly bespoke facial. It’s not the same when you try to replicate what a professional can do at the spa or salon in your own home. Regular facials also allow you to relax and enjoy some “me time” while simultaneously taking care of your skin’s health.

Peachy’s concept makes the beauty world your oyster

With no packages and an exhaustive list of professional beauty treatments under our belt, personalising beauty for YOU becomes possible. In place of the old-school packages, you can choose between annual membership or our Peachy Wallet credit-top up system. All members can enjoy a whopping 50% off our facials in every visit and enjoy members-only privileges.

“Our mission is to build an all-inclusive beauty community where quality personalised beauty care is accessible to more customers at great value. Our prices are transparent. No crafty sales gimmicks, no negative judgement, and your loyalty will always be rewarded. Let’s build a happy place together.”

Depending on your time constraint, budget, and skincare concerns, members can cherry pick the best option for themselves. So, before you close the page and think “Boy, they must be expensive”, we’re actually offering more value and choices than the typical salons.


Guidance in and out of treatment room

Our service doesn’t simply stop after you leave the salon. We believe in sharing and educating so you can make better decision for your routine skincare choices based on your unique needs. Feel free to ask our therapist about your skin concerns and they will be very help.

It’s time to empower you about your skin and skincare routine without all the second guessing. We can’t wait to help more peaches put their best face forward!


Head Peach


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