Our Story

From the aggressive selling, hidden add-ons, to high-pressure sales tactics, when it comes to beauty packages, these unethical practices have turned what was once supposed to be a relaxing retreat into a chamber of nightmares.

Frustrated with these problems, Crystal, the Founder of Peachy Skin Bar decided to reinvent the facial experience. Serving up accessible beauty with a dash of luxury, we are excited to bring this new sensation to Singapore.

To provide value-for-money and quality treatments on every visit, Peachy Skin Bar does not sell any packages. Instead, we focus on providing bespoke treatments based on your skin needs rather than mindlessly doing the same facial for you just because you are stuck with the conventional restrictive salon packages.

At Peachy Skin Bar, we aim to build an all-inclusive, safe, and judgement-free community for skincare lovers to enjoy their well-deserved TLC. Our treatments come power packed with mini massages on the house, so you can expect to unwind and doze off while you enjoy the ultimate chic indulgence.

If you love us and our concept, we welcome you to join our #ThePeachyClub, where members enjoy a world of amazing privileges – perfect for any skincare enthusiast.

Why Choose Us?

Peachy Skin Bar

We believe in feel-good, bespoke facials. Your skin doesn’t need to be chided and picked apart by bossy facialists claiming you have a million ailments in a bid to scare and upsell. In our treatments, you won’t be left dozing off alone half the time – we value-pack our treatments with mini massages on the house.

Peachy Skin Bar
#2 NO Packages

Let’s face it, our skin can be as capricious as a sullen child. From hormonal imbalances to environmental stresses, the frequent changes in our skin condition means inflexible packages for one specific treatment throughout the year simply do not work.

At Peachy Skin Bar, feel free to choose a customised treatment that is most suitable for your skin at that point in time instead of mindlessly doing the same facial you’ve committed to over and over again.

Different strokes for different folks – ain’t that right? No packages mean flexibility at your fingertips and most importantly, no stress from endless hard selling harassment.

Peachy Skin Bar
#3 membership

Enjoy our commitment-free lifetime membership privileges with whopping discounts for beauty services. We are also advocates of social facials – you are welcome to extend your membership privileges to your friends and family. The more peaches, the peachier!

Founder’s Message

“Loving our skin is the easy part, but finding an approachable, empowering skincare partner in this journey can be difficult.”

My passion for skincare goes a long way back to the humble beginning of my mother’s home-based salon. Although my mother has retired, i’ve decided to continue pursuing my passion in this industry. Prior to opening Peachy Skin Bar, I had experienced personally (and also heard many friends recount) the horror stories that we all know pretty well about beauty salons – those pesky hidden costs, hard selling of packages, and the constant chant to persuade you for a service upgrade. Even though beauty services should be relaxing it turned out to be more stressful. With the goal to change and improve the way women experience beauty / grooming services, i started Peachy Skin Bar.

Unlike your typical salon, i do away with industry norms and gave professional facial a chic twist. With no restrictive packages, we are able to provide bespoke facial just for your skin in every facial session. Ranging from 30 – 70 min facials, we’ve got the perfect pamper sesh for every type of modern woman.

At Peachy Skin Bar, we’re not the sort to focus on skin imperfections. We’re all for spreading self-love and helping you feel good about your skin. Come experience a different skincare journey with us!”

Head Peach,
Crystal Lee

Peachy Skin Bar