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“Say hello to freedom
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“I was very lucky to stumble upon Peachy Skin Bar before my wedding. If you’re a bride, you would know time and money are valuable resources. Peachy’s membership model allows me to pick different facials to prepare my skin for my big day and their credit bonuses are super useful. I saved money and received more value in return.”

— Deidre, Kindergarten Teacher, Peachy Member

“I really love Peachy Skin Bar’s services and membership model. I travel very often and sometimes I will suffer from different skin problems. With no restrictive packages, I can be flexible with my facial choices. Now, every visit is a bespoke treatment for myself.”

— Siew Koon, CEO of UMLand Hospitality Group, Peachy Member

“I suffer from acne flare-ups periodically but Peachy’s staff had never once mentioned anything negative about it. They do not judge my skin condition or coerced me to buy packages like other salons. I felt really comfortable with them and they have this wonderful social facial component where you can share your perks and privileges with your loved ones. So I joined their membership and never looked back since.”

— Linda, Teacher, Peachy Member

I totally love that I am given a bespoke facial each time I visit Peachy Skin Bar. Balancing my life as a student and entrepreneur is already difficult but it’s worse when my skin condition can change from dehydration to pimple outbreak in a matter of weeks. They don’t sell packages so I really get to enjoy much more flexibility with them. This place is now my mini getaway haven from the buzzing city.

— Chua Jia Xuan, Student and Entrepreneur, Peachy Member