Peachy’s Treatments

We give your skin what it needs, when it needs it.

Peachy Facial

Our wide range of facials is designed with you and only YOU in mind. Advanced, indulgent, and effective, our facials are all personalised to meet individual needs. We’ve been re-innovating classic formulas and pairing it with the best products / aesthetic machines to solve your skin ailment(s).

Offering no packages, Peachy Time is the easiest and most flexible way to get the most out of your experience, which is 100% bespoke, stress free, and maximizes your treatment results.

*All 60-min and above facials comes with light extraction, face massage, and in-treatment massages.



Perfect for a quick hydrating pick-me-up facial, this 30-min facial will hydrate and moisturize your skin for that youthful bouncy appearance. This treatment will unclog your pores with a manual exfoliation / fruit enzyme mask, followed by a hydro-collagen oxygen therapy for deep hydration + collagen boost, before rounding up with a relaxing rose quartz face massage to seal up all the nutrients in your skin.

Oops Acne

If you’re suffering from oily skin or acne outbreak, this will be the perfect pick-me-up facial for you. Using high-frequency oscillating wave technology, we can help to degrease your skin and kill P-acne bacteria. After reducing the inflammation, we will round up with a relaxing rose quartz face massage to seal our acne magic serum into your skin. A final application of anti-blemish cream will then be done to soothe and restore your skin’s natural texture.

Youth Got It

Enjoy radiant and instantly firmed skin with this boosting fix. This customized treatment includes our FDA-approved Jasmine Honey/Ginseng RF therapy which uses RF energy to warm the skin and stimulate collagen growth. Next, a light enzyme mask is applied to clean the skin and the treatment is finished with our hydro- collagen oxygen therapy to leave you with lifted, luminous skin.

Glow Pro

This glowing treatment will be the perfect pick-me-up if you are short on time and in need for a skin booster before an event. Brighten your skin quickly with ultrasound-assisted Vit-C penetration and a dose of Vit C ampoule to give your skin that luminous glow. We’ll give your face a double expresso shot by rounding up with our Vit C/E cream for an extra antioxidant boost.

Express Pro

Chill Out

One of our most in-demand treatment, this quick pick-me-up uses soothing cryogenic magic to tighten pores, lighten complexion, and hydrate your skin. This facial can go down to -15°C temperature and help soothe irritated skin, leaving you feeling like a queen bee in 30-mins.

Lit Up

Unlike typical LED facial, our LED device can emit different light colours at your t-zone, cheeks, and eye area to target multiple skin concerns – a darling for combination skin. Bathe in the rainbow coloured lights for 30-mins and you can enjoy various benefits in a single session.

Bar Essential (No Machine)

Bad Romance

Leave bad acne and greasy skin behind with this sebum normalizing treatment. This facial will purify and restore balance to oily skin using acne-fighting natural ingredients such as Burdock Root, Hamamelis, and Tea Tree Oil. Enjoy a light PPF massage to drain away toxins without over stimulating your skin and finish up with a regulating face mask to maintain your skin’s hydro-lipidic film – which acts as an external protective barrier to defend the skin against bacteria. Eliminate blemishes and leave with clearer and healthier complexion.

Onsen O’Clock

Dive right into deep hydration with our Onsen O’Clock treatment where active ingredients such as hot spring water, dead sea minerals, collagen, and marine algae extracts are infused deep into your skin. Our therapist will combine our concentrated marine extract serum with a relaxing lymphatic drainage massage to gently sweep away accumulated toxins with each soothing stroke. Step out with enviable dewy skin after this luxurious treatment.

Bright-A-Min C

Brighten your skin and give it a radiant glow with our Bright-A-Min C treatment.  Harnessing the most powerful antioxidant combination from pure Vit C and Pomegranate extract, these precious ingredients are freshly sealed to ensure maximum effectiveness. Combined with our detox + lifting massage techniques, our therapist will use gentle pressure to ensure all the goodness are absorbed into your skin. Consistent treatment will leave your skin looking brighter and relentlessly younger with no downtime. 

Bar Essential (Aesthetic)

Picture Porefect

Take your selfie game to the next level with our Picture Porefect treatment. This luxurious facial begins with Hydra Peel Facial to gently draw out impurities from your pores with hydradermabrasion technology. Using this patented 3-step technology with our curated products, we will gently rid away blackheads, oil, sebum, and dirt before delivering a nourishing infusion of peptides and vitamins through vortex suction to restore your skin’s natural health. We will finish up with a nutrient rich dead sea mud mask for the ultimate squeaky-clean pores

V-Face Babe

Love those sculpted cheekbones? This V-Face Babe treatment is something you simply cannot miss. A combo of topical Botox and radiofrequency will be used to lift, contour, and stimulate your skin’s collagen- tucking in any peek of a double chin. We will finish up with our gold mask to firm up your skin and give you that sculpted V face from any angle.

Time Freeze

Slow down the aging process via the topical application of plant derived frozen live cryo-cells. Available in hydrating, firming, or vitamin c glow formulations, this luxurious product is “air-flown in a frozen state” to ensure its freshness. The botanical plant cells will be “activated” from the warmth of your skin and massaged in by our therapist. The treatment biologically signals your skin cells to repair and regenerate – reminding the body to produce healthy cells at the same rate as your teenage years. We can’t turn back time, but we sure won’t stop trying to keep our skin looking and feeling youthful.

Bar Signature


Hailed as the “Queen of All Bespoke Facials”, this indulging treatment only requires you to rest on the bed and leave the rest of the decisions to our expert therapist.

The luxurious Omakase is a 70-min treatment that caters to your skin needs through custom blending of products consisting of pro-medical actives and proper selection of any of our medical grade equipment targeted at your skin concerns. With no hidden cost or upgrade charges, you will have access to all our equipment to ensure your skin is well taken care of. 

What sets our Omakase Facial apart is our high level craftsmanship and the freedom to let you use any equipment as long as its suitable for your skin type. 

This treatment is well loved by many beauty editors, celebrities, and customers! Sparkle on and enjoy!

Peachy Add-Ons

There’s always room for add-ons because life is too short to skip the small pleasures.

Brow Wow

Enhance your individual beauty with our brow shaping service. We’ll trim, tweeze, shave – anything for that #freshbrowlook.

Purge Extractions

If you want something more than just the usual light extractions, opt-in to this during your treatment for a comprehensive extraction and clearer skin.

Mask Me

Add on a personalized soft mask to your 30-min treatment for that extra skin nourishment.

Eye Power

Improve the blood circulation around your eyes and depuff with our relaxing eye massage after a long day of staring at your screen. Using cold rose quartz roller and our lightweight premium caviar eye gel, you can say goodbye to panda eyes.

Kiss My Lips

Dehydrated and discoloured lips that are always cracked is a no-no but fret not! We’ll plump it back starting with a light lip exfoliation, followed by hydradermabrasion, before soaking your lips in our ultra-rich serum mask, and rounding up with a hydrating peach balm.

Neck & Decolletage Firming 

Let’s lift, tuck, and gets rid of those neck wrinkles so you can stick your neck out like a proud and elegant swan in no time.

Option for with / without machines.

Botanical Live Cryo-Cells

Request to finish your treatment with our botanically derived frozen live cryo stem cells air flown from France to rejuvenate your skin and trigger the production of healthy skin cells for that “oh la la” skin.

Sexy Back

Achieve 360° flawless skin with our Sexy Back treatment. A must have for brides-to-be or if you love wearing those sexy backless dresses, this will be your secret to satin smooth back. Let’s battle dull looking and blemished back skin together!

Peachy Upgrades

You live, you learn, and you upgrade. Love yourself – you are worth every penny for an upgrade!

Silky Massage

Looking for a change? Why not upgrade to our signature silky massage where we use silk mask infused with crystal gel as your facial massage base instead of the usual face oil. Imagine the velvety rich soothing texture with all the silk lactic peptide goodness!

Mask Level Up

Just tell our friendly therapist and we can power up your facial by upgrading the mask at the end of your treatment with these two options:

  1. Personalized Soft Mask + Oxygen Dome
  2. Jelly Collagen Mask + LED Machine

Peachy Fuzz

Drop the razor, it’s time for LASER!

Kiss your unwanted fuzz goodbye with our Peachy Fuzz service.

Peachy Skin Bar does not only take care of your delicate skin, we also do SHR permanent hair removal so you can have that beautiful hairless skin glow 360° for 365 days.

Wear anything with confidence!

What is SHR?

SHR is a newer laser hair removal technology compared to IPL in the market which offers semi-permanent hair removal solution.

SHR is well loved by many for its effectiveness, enhanced comfort, and minimal trauma on skin. As such this is an ideal choice even for the most sensitive area such as Brazilian. 

Overtime, this treatment can also help to brighten your pigmented skin and reduce problems such as painful ingrown hair. 

Benefits of Peachy’s SHR?

Cool Touch Comfort
Long Lasting Solution
Targets Coarse & Fine Hair
Sensitive Skin Friendly
Suitable For All Skin Types

SHR Process:

  1. Shave
  2. SHR Laser
  3. Terminate Hair Follicles
  4. Sunblock


*You are encouraged to shave one day before the treatment. However, if you prefer professional shaving (especially for hard to reach areas), we do have shaving services at additional $5 charge that includes service + new razor.

*Visible results can be seen after your 4th session. For best SHR results, you will need to commit to once a month session for 8-12 sessions. 

SHR Service Areas:


  1. Upper Lips
  2. Chin
  3. Hands & Fingers
  4. Feet & Toes
  5. Nipples
  6. Navel
  7. Neck


  1. Jaw+ Sideburn
  2. Underarms
  3. Upper Arms
  4. Lower Arms
  5. Chest
  6. Stomach
  7. Front Hip
  8. Upper Back
  9. Lower Back


  1. Upper Legs
  2. Lower Legs
  3. Full Face

Peachy Polka Dot Bikini:

  1. Crack
  2. Buttocks
  3. “V” Line Bikini
  4. “I” Line Bikini
  5. Brazilian
  6. All Off

    Fuzz + Therapy

    Doing our post fuzz therapy is as important as choosing the right method for hair removal. Your ultimate body skincare after hair removal journey starts from here.

    Using an oxygen spray to deliver a special cocktail of active ingredients combined with soothing body mask, we can help you achieve enviable soft glowing skin!