Our All-Time Favorite Beauty Treatments Loved by Real People Like You and Me



Our best-selling treatment that is entirely customized by our expert therapists according to your skin needs. You just have to relax and leave the rest to the professionals.


You Make MESO Happy

This aesthetically acclaimed skin treatment is non-invasive, non-surgical, and will give your your skin a "lit-from-within" glow.


Time Freeze

Turn back time and achieve soft baby skin with plant derived frozen live stem cells air flown all the way from romantic France to your face. Oh sweet luxury!


Gua Sharp

Let our therapist work on your meridian points to depuff, drain toxins, and sharpen your face in just one treatment.


First Time Peaches (Trial Menu)

We give your skin what it needs, when it needs it.

Treatment Time Trial Price
Pick-Me-Up 45 minutes SGD 45
Bar Essential
Acne Break-Up 60 minutes SGD 85
Onsen O’clock 60 minutes SGD 85
Baby Soft Collagen 60 minutes SGD 85
Bright-A-Min C 60 minutes SGD 85
It’s Mint-To-Be 60 minutes SGD 85
Gua Sharp 60 minutes SGD 90
Bubble Buff 60 minutes SGD 90
Porefectly Splendid 60 minutes SGD 90
Bee Awesome 60 minutes SGD 90
Moisture Risers 60 minutes SGD 90
Time Freeze 60 minutes SGD 90
Bar Signature
Omakase *Award Winning 70 minutes SGD 90
You Make MESO Happy 70 minutes SGD 150
Eye Power 45 minutes SGD 45
Neck Sculpt 45 minutes SGD 60
Neck Age Reversal 45 minutes SGD 75
Sexy Back (Glow Hydra) 60 minutes SGD 75
Sexy Back (Acne) 60 minutes SGD 85
SHR Hair Removal
SHR Hair Removal *Any 1 Part 15-45 minutes SGD 45
Peachy Fit
Peachy Fit *Any 1 Part 60 minutes SGD 120

*Ask about our full services and prices in-store or chat with us.
*Prices are before GST.