Our All-Time Favorite Beauty Treatments Loved by Real People Like You and Me



Our best-selling treatment that is entirely customized by our expert therapists according to your skin needs. Treatment includes access to any of our list of aesthetic machines in our Omakase treatment. You just have to relax and leave the rest to the professionals.


HI BeautiFU (HIFU)

Our “HI BeautiFU” aesthetic treatment is a 60-min non-surgical face-lift treatment that uses Single Dot HIFU (High Intensity Focused Ultrasound) technology to firm, lift, and contour your face/loose skin for that V-shaped face.


You Make MESO Happy

This aesthetically acclaimed skin treatment is non-invasive, non-surgical, and will give your your skin a "lit-from-within" glow. You can choose to do Hyaluronic / BTX Collagen / 24K Gold Firming Anti-Aging treatment.


B5 Vitamin Powerhouse Pro

Our B5 Vit Powerhouse Pro facial will soothe and expedite skin repair, attract and hold moisture in your skin, and support a healthy skin barrier. There’s a reason why so many of us are crazy over Vitamin B5 in our skincare routine.


First Time Peaches (Trial Menu)

We give your skin what it needs, when it’s needed.

Treatment Time Trial Price
Power Up PRO 40 minutes $50
Baby Soft Collagen PRO 60 minutes $ 85
It’s Mint -to-be PRO 60 minutes $ 85
Vit B5 Powerhouse PRO 60 minutes $ 85
Bright-A-Min C PRO 60 minutes $ 90
Moisture Riser PRO 60 minutes $ 90
Red Hero Rescue 60 minutes $ 90
The Biotic Family 60 minutes $ 90
Stop The Clock 60 minutes $ 90
Sexy Back (Hydra) 50 minutes $75
Sexy Back (Acne) 50 minutes $85
Omakase *Award Winning 70 minutes $ 90

You Make MESO Happy

70 minutes $ 150
Medi Aesthetic
HI- BeautiFU (HIFU Eyes) 30 minutes N.A for Trial
HI- BeautiFU (HIFU Double Chin) 30 minutes N.A for Trial
HI- BeautiFU (HIFU Neck) 30 minutes N.A for Trial
HI- BeautiFU (HIFU Full Face) 60 minutes N.A for Trial

*Please call to ask for per session price

Power Extraction 30 minutes $40
Brow Wow In-Treatment $20
Caviar Eye Massage In-Treatment $20
All Eyes On You Treatment In-Treatment $50
Honey Collagen Eyes Treatment In-Treatment $50
Collagen Oxygen Spray In-Treatment $50
Collagen Oxygen Deep Infusion In-Treatment $50
Y Lift In-Treatment $50
Neck Sculpt In-Treatment $60
Neck Age Reversal In-Treatment $75
SHR Hair Removal
SHR Hair Removal + Whitening *Any 1 Part 15-30 minutes $50

*Ask about our full services and prices in-store or chat with us.
*Prices are before GST.