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Tried the welcome trial Omakase, the staffs (Rachael and Doris) were really friendly! For Omakase, it includes facial treatment, head and shoulder massage. A pleasant experience, and the interior design is cozy.


Good service. All therapist are friendly and helpful. Various kind of facials to choose from. They go by credits, where you can spend it to different type of facials with different price range depending on the type of facial you need during the period.

No hardselling ❤️.

Mindy L

Highly recommended! I have been with peachyskin since 2020 and I must say I am always impressed by how meticulous and gentle they are with my facial treatments. Each facial treatments are throughly done and applied with care.

Shoutout to my therapist Amy and Chelsea who are very attentive to each detail and thanks to them, I know my skin is always in good hands!

Tiffany B

Been a visitor at Peachy for years and this place has already become a second home. Chelsea and Amy are truly the friendlist facial therapists (and the most hardworking girls) I've ever met in my whole life and they make the facial experience so comfortable and enjoyable. Trust that peachy owner has done right in treating these girls well so that they are able to deliver such wonderful services to their customers too. Highly recommend peachy to anyone! (:

Ruth T

Very relaxing facial! They cater to your specific skin needs, and recommend machine(s) accordingly. What I loved most were the little hand and shoulder massages in between, even when when I was masking. I think that's what really sets this place apart from the average facial salon - you're getting something out of the experience every single minute. Oh, and it doesn't hurt that the place is really pretty - it's instagrammable from every corner!

Nicole L

Enjoyed a customised facial treatment at Peachy Skin Bar, Singapore’s first bespoke membership skin bar! Perks of Peachy – no skin condition shaming, no hardselling and no packages. They only want what’s best for your skin and what’s more flexibility for your schedule! The Omakase facial is a customised treatment that featured double cleansing, face and shoulder massage, extraction, machine use and masking. This might be the first time that I fell asleep through an extraction. So painless yet effective!

Clarice J

My friend gifted me the Omakase Facial with a caviar eye treatment and RF neck lift which was so amazing - the service is impeccable and I've never felt so attended to at a facial in my life (and I've been to several facial places)! Unlike other places where a therapist just leaves a machine or mask on and then leaves the room to tend to another customer, what you get is hands on treatment and service for every step of the way. My therapist was also awesome at recognising what my facial concerns were and gave her recommendations on how I can adapt my skincare regimen. My make up glided on smoothly after and I received compliments for my skin (exact words were "glowing", "amazing" and "super perfect", which has not happened in months!

Jasmine T

I have been visiting Peachy Skin Bar for the past 3 years almost every month! I have also brought my husband and good friends along with me to utilize my package because it works as credits and can be shared.

Back in 2019 I was searching for a good facial place with zero hardsell and read some good reviews about this place and decided to try it out. There is really zero hardsell. I went for the Omakase facial (trial price) and all they did was briefly mentioning how their package works when I was paying and that's it. I went back the 2nd time and signed up for their package on the spot because I enjoyed the facials a lot.

What I love about this place is the relaxing atmosphere (so pink!), convenient location (for me) and of course the zero hardsell (which is so prevalent in many other beauty salons).

I always look forward to my facial appointments here. If you want a weekend slot, book at least a month in advance cos they are very popular!