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Online Exclusive Trial: 1 Session SHR Hair Removal + (Complimentary) 1 Session IPL Whitening (Trial)


This is an online exclusive gift card for new customers who wants to trial Peachy Skin Bar's popular SHR (Super Hair Removal) at ANY ONE BODY AREA and it also comes with complimentary IPL whitening for the treated area for an extra drizzle of self love.

SHR (aka Super Hair Removal) is a newer and more advanced permanent hair removal technology compared to IPL in the market. SHR targets both coarse and fine hair which is very important for effective results because the hair at the targeted area will become more fine as the treatment progresses. IPL mainly targets coarse hair so it's ability to remove the "finer" hair as the treatment progresses is not as effective. SHR is the better choice throughout your hair removal journey.

Peachy's SHR is well loved by many for its effectiveness, enhanced comfort, and minimal trauma on skin. As such this is an ideal choice even for the most sensitive area such as Brazilian.  Overtime, this treatment can also help to brighten your pigmented skin and reduce problems such as painful ingrown hair.

The treatment lasts between 15 to 30 minutes and includes the following steps: (1) Cleansing/Sanitization, (2) Application of Treatment Gel, (3) SHR, (4) IPL Whitening, (5) Sunblock/Soothing Gel.

Benefits of Peachy's SHR:

  1. Painless
  2. Convenient
  3. Cool Touch Comfort
  4. Long Lasting Solution
  5. Targets Coarse & Fine Hair
  6. Sensitive Skin Friendly
  7. Suitable For All Skin Types

    Choose any one (or more) body area for your Peachy's SHR Trial:


    1. Upper Lip
    2. Lower Lip
    3. Hands & Fingers
    4. Feet & Toes
    5. Nipples
    6. Navel
    7. Neck


    1. Underarms
    2. Full Face
    3. Chest & Décolletage


    1. Half Arm
    2. Full Arm
    3. Thighs
    4. Lower Legs
    5. Full Back

    Peachy Polka Dot Bikini:

    1. Crack
    2. Buttocks
    3. Bikini Line
    4. Brazilian
    5. All Off

    In just 5 sessions, you can wear anything without worrying about those pesky fuzz! Check out our 5 sessions of value bundle in-store.

    If you want to trial for 1 body area, proceed to check out with 1 gift card. If you want to trial for multiple body areas, please choose the right qty before checking out (i.e underarms + lower leg = 2 areas = 2 gift card qty.)

    *Please shave one day before the treatment for best results. However, if you prefer professional shaving (especially for hard to reach areas), we do have shaving services at additional $3 charge that includes service + new razor.

    Terms & Conditions:

    1. This online exclusive gift card special is only applicable for new customers or customers who have not visited us in the last twelve (12) months. Our management retain the rights to reject you from using this voucher (even if you have pre-purchased it) if you are not a new customer. No refunds will be given in this stated scenario.

    2. Each gift card is only applicable for SHR Hair Removal for a single spot. 

    3. The management retain the rights to reject any voucher that has been tampered with or found in any way unacceptable.

    4. This gift card is non-refundable and cannot be exchanged for cash in part or full.

    5. This gift card consists is only valid for a one-time redemption and must be completed in a single session. This gift card is not shareable. Only one person can redeem all the gift cards from this transaction.

    6. The value of this gift card cannot be used to purchase any items in-store or online. It can only be used to redeem for the stipulated services as described.
    7. Advance booking is required to redeem the gift card.

    8. This gift card cannot be redeemed/stacked with other in-house promotion(s) or any management stipulated black-out dates. You may also be subjected to a "Festive Booking Surcharge" if you book during our festive seasons like CNY. 

    9. This gift card is valid for 6 months from date of purchase and the expiry date will not be extended.

    10. Management reserve the rights to consider the gift card as redeemed if you missed your appointment reservation (no show) without informing us 12 hours in advance for cancellation.

    11. This gift card can only be redeemed at any of Peachy Skin Bar Singapore store.

    12. To book an appointment after purchasing the gift card, WhatsApp us at 88923378 or simply drop us a message on Facebook or IG @peachyskinbar. 

    Good To Know:

    1. Advance bookings are recommended. Please send an email, call or DM our socials @peachyskinbar, should you wish to book or discuss a reservation. Please be advised to shave a day before your SHR treatment for best results.

    2. This service price does not include shaving fees. In the event if you forget to shave, didn't shave cleanly, or prefer professional shaving services, you will need to pay an additional $3 (excluding GST) for professional shaving and new razor service fee.

    3. Peachy Skin Bar is an adult-only facility. To maintain a peaceful environment, children under age 18 are not permitted to seek treatment in the salon without parental consent.

    4. If you arrive late, we will endeavor to carry out your full treatment. However, please note that should there be another booking immediately afterward yours, your treatment may need to be shortened with no reduction in price. 

    5. To fully enjoy your spa experience, please arrive at least 15 minutes before your appointment. Upon your arrival, you will be asked to complete a health consultation form. Please inform the therapist if you are pregnant or have any health issues.