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  • 1. Power Extraction

    TRIAL $40

    If your skin needs more love and work that cannot be fully covered by our mild extraction, you may want to add our Power Extraction to your treatment instead. This add-on treatment is specially crafted to take care of your skin during the full extraction process from pre to post in 4 steps.  

    a. Pre-extraction gel to dilate follicles to help us extract impurities and blackhead easily with lesser discomfort.

    b. Extract

    c. Post extraction essence that sanitizes, soothes, and reduce pore size.

    d. Anti-redness ultrasound treatment to calm and nourish your skin.

    PS: During extraction, our therapist will use sanitized tools, disposable tools, and wear gloves to upkeep with the brand’s strict hygiene standard.


    TRIAL $20

    Improve the blood circulation around your eyes and depuff with our in-house Caviar Eye Gel massage paired with cold rose quartz roller for a mini eye treat.


    TRIAL $50

    Our All Eyes On You treatment is an intensive full eye treatment that also has eyelash strengthening benefits. Using hyaluronic acid, silk tree + darutoside, we can help you fight visible signs of fatigue or aging. Darutoside is known for its powerful regenerating, healing and anti-inflammatory benefits in skincare.

    The treatment starts with a lifting eye massage to raise droopy eyes and diminish dark eye circles/eye bags followed by the application of eyelash strengthening gel to provide more density to eyelashes, before putting on the comfort mask veil over your eyes to help with decongestion + repairing of the delicate area of the eyes. The treatment will end with the application of wrinkle repair cream on the eyes for brightening and anti-aging effect.


    TRIAL $50

    Formulated with powerful actives like collagen, hyaluronic acid, and honey, this eye mask will give your eyes an instant plump + glow up effect. Paired with our cold jade roller, we will massage away your eyes puffiness, enhance oxygen circulation, and reduce fine lines.

    It's an all time favourite for brighter and sparkly eyes.

  • 5. Collagen Oxygen Jet Spray

    TRIAL $50

    Give your skin a hydration and anti-aging boost by adding our collagen oxygen jet spray to your treatment. It’s especially useful for an instant glow, or an add-on before a big event.

  • 6. Collagen Oxygen Deep Infusion

    TRIAL $50

    Give your skin a hydration, anti-aging, plus a quick regenerative repair by adding our collagen oxygen deep infusion to your treatment.

    Oxygen deep infusion helps to deliver a high concentrate of pure oxygen to your face directly through a pressure pump and one of it’s best benefit is in expediting wound/scar healing too.

    If you’re looking for an instant lifting glow, or just want your acne/ acne marks to heal faster, opt to add this in your treatment.

  • 7. Y-Lift

    TRIAL $50

    If you are looking for a quick lower face lift for your cheeks and jowls, you can add on Y-Lift to your treatment. This 10-15 min add-on uses two microcurrent spheres to channel microcurrent into your skin, breaking down skin cells to stimulate collagen growth while giving your face an instant lift for a firm lifted appearance.

  • 8. Neck Sculpt

    TRIAL $60

    Using RF heat, we’ll lift, tuck, and get rid of those neck wrinkles so you can stick your neck out like a proud and elegant swan in no time.

    Peachy’s Neck Sculpt includes cleansing, enzyme peel, RF heat life, firming ampoule, neck lift massage and premium neck mask.

  • 9. Neck Age Reversal

    TRIAL $75

    We always try to slow down aging by putting tons of attention on our face but carelessly neglect our neck. The truth is, people can see we’re aging from our neck too.

    To prevent / combat fine lines and saggy skin on our neck, you can opt for our Neck Age Reversal treatment which uses intense pulsed light laser to help you get firmer younger looking neck.

    Peachy’s Neck Age Reversal includes cleansing, enzyme peel, intense pulse light lifting, firming ampoule, neck lift massage and premium neck mask.